Sigma Range - TRIM / Records Manager / Content Manager Productivity Extensions

Information Proficiency and Sigma Data Solutions have created a range of software products compatible with Content Manager, HPE Records Manager and TRIM. These add-ons extend your existing investment in Content Manager, HPE Records Manager and TRIM extending the functionality to improve business processes and the user experience.

The Sigma product range (previously known as inTRIM) includes:

Note: Clients who have been using our products for many years will notice the minor name change to reflect the association with HPE TRIM, Records Manager and Content Manager. We can assure you it is the same core product, with the same great features and we will continue improving the productivity and capability of our products with every new release. We thank you for your ongoing support.

 Sigma Pictures (inTRIM)

Full featured image management. Fully integrated with TRIM, Records Manager and Content Manager.

  • Import pictures directly from your camera, phone or ShareDrive
  • Search and view pictures without opening CM / RM / TRIM
  • Intuitive template-based metadata mapping
  • Automatic cataloguing of images based on GPS coordinates
  • Automatic thumbnailing of imported images
  • Automatic image manipulation and watermarking
  • Search for images within a specific area (based on GPS coordinates)
  • 3D filmstrip view
  • Search, view, select and export pictures to a report

Latest version: 3.6.7128 released 10th July 2019.


Price(ex GST)
1-75 users
76-150 users
151-300 users
300+ users
License Cost

Annual support

 Sigma Imports (inTRIM)

Imports inTRIM

A complete file import package for HPE TRIM, Records Manager and Content Manager. 

  • Manage bulk share drive imports into CM / HPE RM / HP TRIM with ease
  • Create document AND folders when importing
  • Intuitive template-driven metadata mapping
  • Ability to synchronise new documents and changes to CM
  • All configuration managed within CM dataset
  • Option to replace imported documents with CM reference files
  • Re-useable migration templates

Sigma Imports allows users to import and map complete share drive structures into CM.

Latest version: 1.8.6470, released 3 October 2017


Price (ex GST)
1-75 users
76-150 users
151-300 users
300+ users
License Cost:

Annual support:

inTRIM Sigma Logs (inTRIM)

Logs inTRIM

Sigma Logs enables you to search, monitor and report HPE TRIM, Records Manager, Content Manager (CM) audit logs.

  • An intuitive web interface allows you to find the exact information you're looking for quickly
  • Supports legacy TRIM 6 & TRIM 7 logfiles as well as newer HP RM and CM logfiles
  • Allows users to search logfiles stored in RM & CM

Latest version: 2.0, released 12 Apr 2018

Licensing Cost:
$3,500.00 (ex GST)
Annual Support:
$700.00 (ex GST)

Sigma Respond (inTRIM)

Enabling document assembly and bulk responses with ease.

Sigma Respond is designed to use CM records and metadata seamlessly to support the creation of documents in Microsoft Word. The benefits of installing Sigma Respond are many, you can:

  • Insert CM metadata into documents and templates
  • Build emails, PDFs & Word documents using templates stored in CM
  • Insert pre-defined text fragments (stored in CM) to build documents quickly
  • Integrated mail merge to prepare bulk responses quickly
  • Automatically saves the document in CM and allocates a record number at creation
  • Respond toolbar appears in MS Word enabling smart functionality to prepare documents and responses quicker
  • Allows your staff to leverage CM as a business productivity tool, not just a repository‚Äč

Sigma Respond is packed with so many features; it’s hard to demonstrate them all.

Latest version: Sigma Respond 3.4.5964, released 30th April 2016



Price (ex GST)
1-75 users
76-150 users
151-300 users
300+ users
License Cost:

Annual support: