Privacy and Responsible Information Sharing (PRIS)

The PRIS legislation will reform personal privacy protections and the accountability of information sharing within government. The PRIS legislation is estimated to come into effect at the end of 2024 and will have significant effects for how government departments handle private and sensitive information. Government departments are required to undergo significant change to ensure compliance with these reforms.

Our team of information management professionals have experience leading government departments through this process of change and can work with your organisation to:

    • Produce a baseline report and action plan to ensure compliance with PRIS legislation
    • Develop an Information Asset Register/Sensitive data map
    • Conduct legislation reviews
    • Develop a privacy policy
    • Develop a data breach register, policy, and response plan.
    • Develop collection notices for private information
    • Develop and publish a privacy management plan
    • Review information retention and disposal requirements
    • Develop internal procedures to handle private information
    • Review existing contracts to ensure compliance with PRIS legislation
    • Deliver staff training
    • Establish monitoring and reporting

Sensitive Data Registry

A sensitive data register is a tool to help your organisation identify WHAT sensitive data is being collected, WHY it is sensitive, WHERE it is stored, WHO has access, and WHAT is the risk to the business if the information is leaked. The sensitive data registry will enable your organisation to identify vulnerabilities in the handling of sensitive information so that solutions can be implemented to protect your information assets and comply with state legislation.

    • We provide experienced practitioners who are familiar with information security processes to…
    • Identify what sensitive data is held across your organisation
    • Identify where the sensitive data is being held
    • Flag vulnerabilities in your organisations sensitive data practices
    • Provide solutions to fix information management vulnerabilities to ensure information is held securely and remains compliant