Freedom of Information

Individuals have the right to request access to documents from Australian Government ministers and most agencies under the Freedom of Information Act.

Unfortunately handling FOI requests can be time consuming and somewhat intermittent, consequently it can be difficult to maintain the requisite skill level. Information Proficiency works with WA Councils and State Government Agencies processing FOI applications where there is overflow, limited resources, or loss of a key resource.

Information Proficiency and Sigma Data Solutions can provide complete FOI process management relieving your own resources to concentrate on core tasks. Alternatively, the process can be shared with internal staff if preferred and appropriate to do so.

Our services cover the whole process including:

  • Discovery
  • Scope (ambit) negotiation
  • Acknowledgement letters
  • Third Party consultation
  • Notices of decision
  • Statistical returns
  • Internal review assistance
  • Information statement reviews and updates

We also liaise with the Commissioner’s office as required to ensure the best advice and outcomes.

In some cases we have been able to work with repeat applicants to proactively reduce further FOI applications.