Sigma Respond 

Enabling document assembly and bulk responses with ease.

Sigma Respond is designed to use CM records and metadata seamlessly to support the creation of documents in Microsoft Word. The benefits of installing Sigma Respond are many, you can:

  • Insert CM metadata into documents and templates
  • Build emails, PDFs & Word documents using templates stored in CM
  • Insert pre-defined text fragments (stored in CM) to build documents quickly
  • Integrated mail merge to prepare bulk responses quickly
  • Automatically saves the document in CM and allocates a record number at creation
  • Respond toolbar appears in MS Word enabling smart functionality to prepare documents and responses quicker
  • Allows your staff to leverage CM as a business productivity tool, not just a repository‚Äč
  • Available in 32 bit or 64 bit versions
  • Compatibility: Up to CM 23.3

Sigma Respond is packed with so many features; it’s hard to demonstrate them all.

Latest version: 3.11.8711



Price (ex GST)
1-75 users
76-150 users
151-300 users
300+ users
License Cost:

Annual support:

Integrated Toolbar

The Respond toolbar for Microsoft Word 2007/2010 is used for building templates, generating manual responses and documents, inserting metadata or fragments into documents and toggling the draft watermark on and off.

Insert Fields and Fragments

Insert CM fields or blocks of text (fragments) when editing or creating documents minimizing mistakes, saving time and reusing data. Changes can be refreshed via the toolbar. Updating the output record properties fromthe toolbar will automatically refresh the document.

Draft Watermarking

Identify draft documents with the draft watermark functionality.

Bulk Responses

You can respond to multiple emails or correspondence stored in Content Manager by selecting the items to beresponded to and stepping through the response wizard. Responses can either use templates stored in Content Manager,or be drafted adhoc. The responses can be converted to pdf, brochures attached, the CM Record Numberinserted, and be sent to locations stored in Content Manager via email or printed for post.

Automatic Relationships and Saving

Responses can be saved back to the same file as the originating document automatically or a new fileselected. Responses can also be automatically related to the incoming letter or email.In this way, Sigma Respond allows your staff to get their work completed with no additional effort – they are working with Content Manager documents to create correspondence that is automatically put back into Content Manager and related.


Sigma Respond is a mature product that continues to be developed ensuring compatibility across all supported TRIM, Records Manager, Content Manager and Microsoft Windows versions.


Our standard software support agreement includes access to the support helpdesk and new versions of the product as they become available.