Connectors and Tools

Information Proficiency and Sigma Data Solutions have created a range of connectors and tools compatible with Micro Focus Content Manager, HPE Records Manager, TRIM, Secured Signing, Docusign, Kofax, Verint Lagan and other software products. Some of our products are listed below. 

We have many others so let us know if you are looking for something specific. We also create custom tools and connectors to meet your needs.

Load Tester

Load Tester

Install. Test. Report.
Load Tester has been developed to test the capacity of new and existing hardware setups

  • Designed to test the capacity of your hardware
  • Simulates routine tasks (e.g. title word searches, document super copy, adding new documents)
  • Helps ensure your system is able to support normal daily traffic OR increased activity



Verint Lagan CRM 15.2 Connector for Content Manager

Load Tester

An integration between Verint Lagan CRM and Content Manager enables the capture of CRM information as records within Content Manager.

The typical use cases for the CRM are:

1)      Customer emails an enquiry into the CRM monitored mailbox. A case is automatically created, and a customer service officer updates the case, and provides a reply.

2)      Customer sends an enquiry in via fax or postal mail. A customer service officer creates a case manually in the CRM.

3)      Customer makes an enquiry at the front desk. A customer service officer creates a case manually in the CRM.

4)      Customer service officers update the cases, directly within the CRM or via email, which provide feedback to the customer.

In each of these cases, one or more records are created in Content Manager containing all the relevant metadata associated with the case, including any electronic documents attached.

Each interaction with a customer is recorded as a separate case in the CRM, even if the CRM is used to formulate the response. To effectively manage this situation, all CRM interactions that are generated from the same initial case will have the corresponding records in Content Manager related together.



PDF Converter for Content Manager

Load Tester

Convert documents to pdf via a single click directly from Content Manager. The pdf is saved as a new revision.

Easy to install.

Compatible with CM9

Sigma Secured Signing Integration  

Load Tester

The Secured Signing integration allows users to request documents to be signed via the Secured Signing service without leaving Content Manager.

The Secured Signing Server Application provides the interface between Content Manager and the secured signing cloud. It maintains the state of all current signature processes and synchronises documents and audit events between the secured signing cloud and the Content Manager service. 

Current Version: 1.6.8629


Unknown Locations Utility  

Load Tester
Consolidate duplicate locations and convert unknown locations with ease.


The Unknown Locations Utility is a standalone tool based on Microsoft Excel which enables Content Manager "ghost" locations created by Microsoft Outlook integration to be reviewed easily and efficiently, and enables the administrator to:

  • Consolidate duplicate locations and move related records to the retained location
  • Convert ghost locations to either "people" or "organisation" locations in Content Manager

This tool is compatible with Content Manager / HPE RM / HP TRIM

This product is provided as is, and without ongoing support / maintenance.