Sigma Respond Release Notes

Version 3.9.8201 - 15th June 2022

  • Added Assigned By, Completed By and Parent Responsible to action fields.
  • Added Document Review Due Date, Document Review State Date, Document Needs Review and Document Review State to record fields.
  • Removed Containers/Record radio selectors from advanced view.
  • Searching for record types no longer only shows currently selected record type.
  • Log columns are now the width of the column header if no rows present, or the largest row if any rows exist.
  • Introduced new record type for templates: Sigma.Template and Sigma.Template.Fragment.
  • Fixed: Help window no longer obscured when switching between wizard and advanced view.
  • Fixed: Dialogs launched from the toolstrip are now attached to the application correctly.
  • Fixed: "Show in TRIM" button now only works if rows in the datagrid are selected.
  • CM 10 compatibility

Version 3.8.7718 - 17th February 2021

  • Creating a record with missing mandatory field now displays useful error message when it fails.
  • Print empty string rather than 0001/01/01 when no date is set in CM.
  • Config now saves automatically.
  • Encryption used by software is now FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) compliant.
  • Changed order of items in log menu to match order in log tab.
  • Fixed an issue where record picker can crash if user does not have access to view Sigma.Configuration records.
  • Fixed an issue where selected title wasn't being respected in output menu.
  • Fixed an issue where container was not able to be set when no target record is selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the current location responsible for an action wasn't being detected.
  • Fixed an issue in Word plugin where refresh button is disabled when a template is loaded.
  • Fixed an issue in Word plugin where state isn't refreshed when Word is run a second time or a new document is created.
  • Fixed an issue in Word plugin where "Refresh EDRMS", "Output Record EDRMS Properties", and "Save and Finalise" buttons are grayed out after create document button is used.
  • Fixed an issue in Word plugin where an "evaluation copy" notice was being inserted when a fragment was inserted.

Version 3.7.7290 - 17th December 2019

  • Fixed an issue with the Word document creator throwing an error when the author is not a delegate.
  • Changed the record type search so it will only return the record types that the current user is able to use as defined by the record types access controls.
  • Updated the fragment insert so it now can be inserted into tables and the section breaks have been removed.
  • Fixed "View in EDRMS" not showing multiple records.
  • Form view is now hidden from task bar when wizard is active.
  • Allow a delay to be inserted between sending each email.
  • Button icons now match the version of CM installed.
  • Built against .NET 4.0 instead of 3.5.
  • Converted from the TRIM COM SDK to .NET SDK with 64 bit version available.
  • Installer and binaries are now Authenticode signed.

Version 3.6.6880 - 1st November 2018

  • Fixed issue in wizard view where email attachments weren't selectable. Fixed issue in wizard View where "View in HPE ERDMS" button resulted in an error.
  • Fixed issue in advanced view where attemtpting to view an email attachment would open the target record instead.
  • Fixed issue where "Current Action" tags in templates where not being populated when template is processed.
  • Resolved situation which causes "Record you are attempting to update is not current" warning.
  • Installer updated to support Micro Focus Content Manager 9.3.
  • Removed reference to "HPE" and changed "ERDMS" to "EDRMS" in software and online documentation

Version 3.5.6631 - 14th February 2018

  • Installer updated to support HPE Content Manager 9.2

Version 3.5.6257 - 20th February 2017

  • Added support for adding multiple fragments at once in Sigma Respond Word Toolbar.
  • Added back saved search functionality to find records to respond to in standalone application.
  • Fixed issue with additional field data was not being populated into template.
  • Fixed an issue where output documents were being corrupted.
  • Fixed a silent failure where it wouldn't email when the newly created record doesn't have addressee set.
  • Fixed a bug where it would fail to send email if no output document template was being used.
  • Updated Aspose Word library to v17.1.
  • Multi-Fragment Template Generator has been deprecated.

Sigma Respond 3.4.5964 - 30th April 2016

  • Don't create VMBX files for RM8+
  • Reinstated saved search button
  • Start the treeview fully collapsed, so users can see the distinction between target record and output record.
  • Updated HPE SDK for better TRIM/RM/CM suport
  • Updated Aspose library for better Word support.

Sigma Respond 3.3 - 22nd February 2016

  • Prevent user ticking "edit template" if there is no template in use.
  • Removed saved search button
  • Allow user to set a specific container for output records.
  • Updated Aspose library for better Word support./li>

Sigma Respond 3.2.5331 - 14 August 2014

  • Added support for CurrentActivity & AssignedTo TRIM fields.
  • Added alternate container and related record fields in the toolbar that can be used by templates.

Sigma Respond 3.2.5165 - 21 February 2014

  • Added new form when user chooses to save and finalise with options to replace merge fields with their values and to show the record of the finalised document in TRIM.
  • Added button on respond client to clear the selected classification.
  • Added support for directly generating PDF/A documents to the main client, as well as -pdf and -pdfa command line options.
  • Fixed issue with going back and forwards on some wizard pages causing combo boxes to double populate.
  • Added contact/addressee override to templates, which will set the addressee on the record and the contact that will be emailed when sending out emails. This is for fixed processes where responses are always sent to a particular email address (for instance).

Sigma Respond 3.1.5022 - 1 October 2013

  • Fixed issue with tab pages in the main respond client sometimes not picking up new focus and some buttons being hidden on the target records tab page.
  • Added button to directly open saved search from the wizard and main respond client.
  • Made it so when suggesting a template name or title for a document created from the current document in the toolbar, the file extension is not included.
  • Added template properties button so you can access the record type, workflow and action for a template all in one place.
  • Added support for setting a template's output workflow template and action, so now you can have respond initiate a workflow or action when you do a response. Multi-fragment templates also have support.
  • Fixed issue with content controls not doing form back-fill for emails.
  • Added back-fill from custom document properties - now you can set userfields from the custom document properties (including in the template on first load - so you can have default user fields for a template).

Sigma Respond 3.1.4983 - 23 August 2013

  • Worked around word bug with recent file list causing a runtime error.

Sigma Respond 3.1.4980 - 20 August 2013

  • Fixed issue where form fields or content controls with an empty tag/bookmark would cause certain operations in the toolbar to return a key is null error.

Sigma Respond 3.1.4979 - 19 August 2013

  • Added template record type support to multi-fragment templates.
  • Added the owner field to the list of possible fields. Note that you will need to make sure all clients are upgraded to make use of this field in a production template.
  • Made it so the userfields that can be selected in the client are narrowed down by the current record type, if one is selected.
  • Made it so the draft watermark was removed by the respond client as well, when a document is to be finalised.
  • Fixed issue with ellipsis used in title creating a invalid file name error, or making it so TRIM treated the document as a document without an extension.
  • Added better support for using respond fields as nested fields in word formulas when generating documents from the toolbar. This should also fix some issues when using .DOT .DOTX and .DOTM files and issues with Print Preview and headers/footers in 2007.
  • Fixed an issue where when creating a user generated output record the log message didn't list the addressee's name correctly.

Sigma Respond 3.1.4967 - 7 August 2013

  • Changed "Admin" to "Adminstrator" for the saving configuration item.
  • Fixed issue with some versions not being updated when using the create document option in the toolbar and then creating a new version of the document.
  • Fixed some issues when running the toolbar and not being able to connect to TRIM.
  • Added a prompt to the Save and Finalise function.
  • Fixed issue with the wizard and user fields tab re-populating multiple times.

Sigma Respond 3.1.4947 - 18 July 2013

  • Rolled minor version to 3.1 to reflect the quite large amount of changes in this release.
  • Fixed issue with wizard sometimes not processing at finish due to the form not being visible.
  • Added a check box for the show output records in TRIM option to the wizard (this will show a list of output records in the TRIM client after processing).
  • Added support for editing templates ahead of merge, so that you can do document changes that will be used on every document in the merge.
  • Added a save and finalise button to the word toolbar. 
  • Added finalise setting to the main Sigma Respond client, available on the wizard as well as the menu for the respond client (as well as an administration setting that can be saved for global use and a command line parameter).
  • Replace strings for titles, so now you can build the title from items on the target record (only works when responding to a target record in the main client).
  • Template record type support has been added to both the toolbar and the respond client.
  • Most Word form fields/content controls will automatically map to TRIM user fields on the output record for both the toolbar and main client (note on the toolbar, this feature will only be active when creating a record from the current document, updating the record properties for a document that has just been generated or when a document that has been generated in this session of word is saved or closed - and in cases where the record has already been saved this requires update metadata permissions).
  • Added Word toolbar button for inserting the current user's signature.
  • If a newer version of a respond created document is checked out in the toolbar, it will use now use that as an output record instead of the original (and update the document to reference this version).
  • Added support to the toolbar for unprotecting/reprotecting documents during merge, note this will only work for documents that the user has the permission to unprotect.
  • Documents without an output record will try and use the record corresponding to their checked out document for metadata updates (unless the checked out document is of a Sigma.Configuration or Sigma.Configuration.Fragment record type).
  • Added support for merging in images such as signatures and pictures.
  • Split apart the administration functions and non administration functions into separate word ribbon tabs for the toolbar (makes security easier and the main toolbar was getting too busy for small screens).
  • Made it so using the insert field functionality refreshed the document contents from TRIM.
  • Made it so emails support inserting fields and fragments when the edit feature is used.
  • Made it so newer versions of word features were preserved when using the edit feature of the main respond client.
  • Performance improvements in creating responses due to less write backs to the output record.
  • Changed behaviour in the respond client so edited output record properties aren't sticky (as this will mess with replace strings, output rules and screws up clients with no metadata edit priveleges)
  • Added new license key system.
  • Added Gender to location template fields.
  • Tested using Sigma Respond from TRIM Connect in Kofax, for generating automated Responses from scanned document/data capture processing.
  • Fixed issue with exit on process and sending emails where sometimes the client would exit before the emails had finished sending.
  • Changed order of menu items on respond client menu and made "Admin" "Administration".
  • Added colour highlighting for log entry items.
  • Added context sensitive wizard help to the main respond client (press F1 for help to get the help appropriate to your wizard page).
  • Added expanded HTML help to the main Respond Client.
  • Added Help button to the Toolbar with HTML Help.
  • Fixed issue where printing was completely disabled on the OS that respond would show error messages on startup.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to do a templated response/create a document from a template when no document is open.

Sigma Respond 3.0.4903 - 4 June 2013

  • Worked around user based registry changes causing a potential repair install on machines with a non-standard registry setups.

Sigma Respond 3.0.4898 - 30 May 2013

  • Worked around "the handle is invalid" error coming back from word passing back invalid window handles.

Sigma Respond 3.0.4891 - 23 May 2013

  • Made it so authentication with exchange using default user credentials should be more robust.

Sigma Respond 3.0.4890 - 22 May 2013

  • Fixed issue with TRIM 6.2.5 and metadata permissions preventing the output record form from working correctly in the respond client.
  • Made it so the set-as-final option is deferred until the document is checked in in the word toolbar.
  • Fixed issue with the Respond Toolbar 2007 Evaluation installer not doing a remove previous version install correctly.
  • Fixed issue with help not being installed correctly on Sigma Respond Client Evaluation.
  • Fixed issue with "Allow Replace" being unenabled on a record type stopping records from checking in.
  • Added extra support code to installer for 2010 Evaluation Toolbar to prevent problems with registry security.
  • Fixed issue with high DPI displays and the user fields box in the Respond client.

Sigma Respond 3.0.4882 - 14 May 2013

  • Made sure Job Title/Description was appearing - this may have been missing from 4867.
  • Fixed issue with certain combination of wizard features causing the print setting on the wizard not to stick.
  • Fixed issue with temporary documents appearing in the recent documents list and made them delete when word starts up/exits to clear out old documents. Note that documents will still appear in the jump list, but they won't be accessible.
  • Fixed issue with PDF printing when email attaching due to a printer driver issue.

Sigma Respond 3.0.4870 - (internal) - 2 May 2013

  • Rolled in updated datamodel.
  • Added Show Output Sigma Records option on configuration menu in main client and matching -so command line option.

Sigma Respond 3.0.4867 - 29 April 2013

  • Added new evaluation mode code.
  • Updated documentation.

Sigma Respond 3.0.4587 - 19 April 2013

  • Updated insert fragment feature to be more generic.

Sigma Respond 3.0.4854 - 16 April 2013

  • Fixed bug with word window changing handles in the background.

Sigma Respond 3.0.4850 - 12 April 2013

  • Fixed regression bug with refeshing populated values pulling in input record where it should've pulled in the output record.

Sigma Respond 3.0.4843 - 5 April 2013

  • Added draft watermark toggle to toolbar.
  • Added insert fragment feature to toolbar.
  • Added enforce delegates rules from global respond configuration to the toolbar.
  • Rolled major version to 3.0 to reflect the overall major changes that have been introduced in 2.2.

Sigma Respond 2.2.4804

  • Added lookup set support to user fields.
  • Made it so the "-e" command line option checks the edit box on the wizard.
  • Made it so the "-e" and "-p" options didn't cause problems when used in conjuction with the wizard.
  • Fixed some minor wizard GUI resizing errors.
  • Added "-x" command line option to exit after processing.
  • Added the "-nw" command line option to disable the wizard running.
  • Added file logging to the main Sigma Respond application.

Sigma Respond 2.2.4786

  • Added user field default values tabs.
  • Fixed some wizard functionality.
  • Made main UI more compact.
  • Email Attachments now must be accessed from the tab, not the main ui page.
  • Added extra information to automatically generated output record for respond manually on toolbar.
  • Added Job Title/Description mapping for locations.

Sigma Respond 2.2.4783

  • Fixed some bugs with multifragment template generation.

Sigma Respond 2.2.4779

  • Added save new template button back in, made it so it closes the document to prevent problems.
  • Added new save fragment button to toolbars.
  • Got rid of the save to output record button in favour of an auto-checkin mechanism for newly generated documents, allowing older documents to work through the standard checkout mechanism.
  • Added multi-fragment template generation/support.

Sigma Respond 2.2.4771

  • Removed Save new template button due to possible dangers when editing a template.

Sigma Respond 2.2.4765

  • Added output record properties to the 2007/2010 toolbars.
  • Updated Office 2007/2010 toolbars to be more functional, with hooked document closes.
  • Fixed additional/user defined fields in the Insert Variables Dialog in the toolbars.
  • Added additional/user defined fields for output record.
  • Added extra information for location user defined fields, so you can expand them like other types.

Sigma Respond 2.2.4588

  • Added Office 2007/2010 toolbars with extra functionality.

Sigma Respond 2.1.4468

  • Updated print name function for datamodel to allow multiple ampersand delimited names for person type locations.

Sigma Respond 2.1.4416

  • Added "Print Name" Function to datamodel for retrieving uniform printable names.

Sigma Respond 2.1.4413

  • Changed print properties dialog
  • Fixed issue with multiple printing/threaded printing
  • Fixed issue with printer settings being cleared by setting the printer name
  • Made it so the Internet email address always has priority over other mail addresses
  • Added override ability for the no-reply address
  • Fixed an issue with the responsible location not being parsed from the current action properly
  • Changed the method of printing used for Aspose documents