Recordkeeping Plan Reviews

All West Australian government organisations must have an approved recordkeeping plan. Under Section 28 of the State Records Act 2000 the recordkeeping plan must be  reviewed on a regular basis and stipulates “that no more than 5 years must elapse between approval of a government organisation's Recordkeeping Plan (RKP) and its review.” (Source)

The organisation's existing approved RKP is to be revisited to establish three main objectives, namely whether recordkeeping practices within the organisation:

  • are still meeting the organisation's business and legislative requirements; or
  • have changed since the RKP was approved; or
  • require improvement or need to be documented differently.

The purpose of the review is to ensure government organisations recordkeeping systems are continually evaluated, and where necessary changed to keep up with compliance requirements and continuing business needs of the organisation.

Information Proficiency and Sigma Data works with organisations that have limited or have lost key resources, providing experienced practitioners to undertake a range of programs and projects including recordkeeping plan reviews. These recordkeeping plan reviews can be wholly managed or shared with internal staff allowing your organisation to meets its compliance and continual business process requirements.

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