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The Secured Signing Connector allows users to request documents to be signed via the Secured Signing service without leaving Content Manager.

The Secured Signing Server Application provides the interface between Content Manager and the secured signing cloud. It maintains the state of all current signature processes and synchronises documents and audit events between the secured signing cloud and the Content Manager service. 


Current Version: 1.3.8049 released 14th of January 2022

Previous Version: 1.2.8028 released 24th of December 2021
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It is a windows server application that can be installed directly on the Content Manager server or on another server as required. To function correctly, the application needs bi-directional access to the Content Manager server, and outbound access to the Secured Signing cloud.

The Client application provides users of Content Manager with the functionality to initiate signature requests from the desktop client.

The Secured Signing Cloud provides the digital signing functionality and is the access point for parties completing a signing request. 

Each Content Manager user initiating Secured Signing requests must have a user account on the secured signing cloud.

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The Secured Signing Connector is licenced via an annual subscription. The subscription must be maintained directly with Information Proficiency for the Secured Signing Connector to continue working.

Installation is quick and wizard based enabling anyone with appropriate permissions to complete the process.

Compatible with Content Manager version 9.1 or higher.  

Our standard software support agreement includes access to the support help desk and new versions of the product as they become available.

How to Buy
For more information, or to arrange a product demonstration or quotation, please contact Sigma Data Solutions:

Ph: +61 8 6230 2213 or email


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q      Is a CM user license seat taken up by the integration?

A       No, the Sigma Secured Signing Integration is deployed as an External Link within the CM Administration settings and does not require a CM user license seat.


Q      What document formats can be used? 

A       Document compatibility is determined by Secured Signing:

However, should your organisation wish to restrict the document formats that can be used for signing, this can be configured in the Sigma Secured Signing Integration settings.


Q      Can finalised record in Content Manager be used for signing?

A       Absolutely! If the Sigma Secured Signing Integration finds a record is finalized when the signed document comes back - it un-finalizes the record, attaches the document and re-finalizes the record.


Q      How long does it take a document to check back into Content Manager after signing?

A       The Integration polls the server at the interval chosen (we recommend every 5 minutes is the minimum interval to prevent issues) to see if there's something to bring back from the Secured Signing cloud.


Q      Will I get a notification when the document has been signed?

A       Yes! The Sigma Secured Signing Integration notifies users via email when a signed document is back in CM.


Q      What stage of the signing process does the document become a PDF?

A       Once a document has been fully signed by all requested signees, it is converted to a PDF to prevent further modifications to the document.


Q      Can the document be edited once it has been signed?

A       No, if a document is modified after a signature has been applied, the signature becomes invalid.


Q      Is any additional software required?

A      No, no additional software is required as the Sigma Secured Signing Integration is self-contained and has been designed with as few clicks as possible required.