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Enabling Secure Read-Only 'Anywhere' Access to CM / HPE RM Documents:

  • Highly customisable to your organisation's branding and search requirements.
  • Allows read only access from phones and tablets.
  • Safe and secure access to specific documents; downloaded documents are read-only and cannot be edited.
  • Can be used with CM / HPE RM Guest logins providing public access to specific documents.
  • Documents sent to internal staff retain the security and access applied in CM / HPE RM.
  • Document recipient(s) do not require access to CM / HPE RM Desktop.

​​Customised Interface:

Our team of engineers will customise WebSearch to your organisations search needs - enabling simple 'one-word' searches and pre-built links.
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What is Webdrawer?

Webdrawer is a web-based search interface that allows read-only access to records. It is a standard component of most HP RM installations, and is included within the base licence.

What activities and resources are required to implement the search solution?

The search solution will be implemented parallel to the existing webdrawer installation, requiring no additional server resources. Implementation in UAT and production involve the same steps.

  • Change control and approval activities
  • Provision of network login credentials, access and server permissions to login to server and modify existing web server configuration
  • Deployment of the web application within the existing IIS web site
  • Configuration of HP RM connection information
  • Testing of implementation

How does the search solution that IP is providing differ from webdrawer?

In essence, the search solution is a "skin" that simplifies the search and results pages, providing a single search box, which executes a number of pre-set search criteria based on the user provided search term(s). The results page is simplified to allow simpler access to electronic documents, and reducing the "clutter" of metadata fields that are not required.

Does this search solution put additional load on the HP RM system?

Users who are performing queries within the search solution are performing a record search in exactly the same manner as they would within the HP RM client application. Because the search criteria are predetermined, it is expected that users will find their required information quicker, using a single query. Some users may perform several queries within the HP RM client to locate the same results - making the search solution put less load on the HP RM system.


Are any changes to the desktop environment required?

No - the existing desktop environment supports the search solution with no additional changes.

Is additional licencing required?

No extra license cost is required to use WebSearch.