Managed Services


Records and information services and projects need people who not only understand records and information management, but have the correct mix of skills and abilities to drive your services and projects forward.

We provide experienced practitioners to perform some or all of the following duties at your organisation leaving your team to focus on core business:

  • Daily processing (Mail, file creation)
  • Information governance and strategy
  • EDRMS Administration and maintenance
  • Archiving and Disposal
  • Freedom of Information and discoveries
  • KPI reporting
  • Source record digitisation
  • Staff inductions and training (Recordkeeping and EDRMS)
  • Other information management projects required by your organisation

Some of the benefits of outsourcing the management of these important roles include:

  • Cost savings by leveraging a team of experienced practitioners with a range of specialisations.
  • Improved service delivery with KPI monitoring and feedback processes.
  • Improved Information governance because we bring best practices and mature templates to develop supporting documentation for your organisation quickly.
  • We ensure our team maintains certifications, training and professional development.
  • No single person dependencies. We always have backup resources across daily processing tasks and ensure there is minimal disruption to any unexpected leave.
  • There are no messy endings. We simply move our highly sought after records and information professionals to their next project.

There are two services we can help you with:

1. Records Managed Service or Records as a Service (RaaS)

           • Onsite staff using your EDRMS.
              • Our professionals can fill any information management or records roles you require such as:
              Information Manager, Records system administrator, records / information officer, FOI coordinator.

2. System Managed Service or Software as a Service (SaaS)

             • Administration and technical support of your records management system.
             • EDRMS hosting option (SaaS).
             • BYO licence option.

Complete Managed Service

With our Complete Managed Service, we can provide your EDRMS via Software as a Service (SaaS), combined with Records as a Service (RaaS), resulting in a top shelf Information Management program for your organisation.

Flexible Managed Service

Our Flexible Managed Service is simply any combination of services delivered as agreed. You tell us what you need help with and how often. We will make sure the right person is on the job.


To discuss your support needs, please contact us on +61 (8) 6230 2213 or email us

 Client Testimonials

“The engineer assisting with the setup of our TRIM Work Group Server communicated a clear Scope of Work, Action plan and Requirements in order to complete the work. When information was required he responded in an acceptable time frame and work has been complete on-time as per the Scope of Work"


" Professional service and clearly set scope of work from the outset and delivered this within agreed time frames"
SA State Government 


"We highly recommend Info Proficiency to assist agencies to navigate the complexities of modern information management to meet state record keeping requirements. They are professional, knowledgeable, and deliver according to scope and time frames. We would not hesitate to use Info Proficiency as our preferred provider for records and information management projects"