Sigma Imports

Imports inTRIM

A complete file import package for OpenText TRIM, Records Manager and Content Manager. 

  • Manage bulk share drive imports into CM / OpenText RM / TRIM with ease
  • Create document AND folders when importing
  • Intuitive template-driven metadata mapping
  • Ability to synchronise new documents and changes to CM
  • All configuration managed within CM dataset
  • Option to replace imported documents with CM reference files
  • Re-useable migration templates

Sigma Imports allows users to import and map complete share drive structures into CM.

Latest version: 1.14.8738


Price (ex GST)
1-75 users
76-150 users
151-300 users
300+ users
License Cost:

Annual support:
Comprehensive Metadata Mapping

Comprehensive Metadata Mapping

The metadata mapping feature caters for all built-in fields as well as any customised fields. Many attributes can be combined and mapped to a single CM field – for example, the filename, date modified and a fixed string can all be combined to form the title of the imported record.

Import templates map data from the source to CM metadata fields including; document file data such as file name, directory structure, file size, file owner etc; specific metadata for images; some system data such as current user, and the sequence of documents.

You can also source additional data from users during the import via prompts that appear in the Import Wizard.

Re-usable import templates

Re-usable import templates

Re-usable import configuration templates mean you design your import process once, and re-use it many times.

User Friendly

Imports are Wizard based. Simply select the directory you want to import from and which files to import, then filter by date range, or by file name/extension. You can choose to process sub-directories, create TR5 files or delete files when they are imported.

Saved Progress

Import progress is saved with each document, so imports can be paused, the software shut down, or even the computer restarted and it will pick up from the same place. Imports can be queued up and left running.

Sigma Imports Example

Error Handling & Logging

Per document error handling enabling you to Pause the import, Skip or Retry the document. Full logging, including a real-time logging display in the software.


Using Sigma Imports, you can continue to make changes or add documents in the share drive, then run Imports again – and all the changes will be updated in OpenText CM!


Sigma Imports is a mature product that continues to be developed ensuring compatibility across all supported TRIM, Records Manager, Content Manager and Microsoft Windows versions.


Our standard software support agreement includes access to the support help desk and new versions of the product as they become available.