Sigma Imports Release Notes

Sigma Imports 1.14.8738 04/12/2023 *current*

  • Cache configs and license files copied from CM
  • CM 23.3 compatibility

Sigma Imports 1.13.8404 04/01/2023

  • PST mailbox import
  • Simplify root node selection
  • Fixed: Creating a new record in the wizard prompt resulted in an error
  • CM 10.1 compatibility

Sigma Imports 1.12.8129 04/04/2022

  • CM 10.0 compatibility
  • DateLastUpdated no longer changes for configuration records fetched
  • "Prefer CM user option search "starting point" where possible when using CM object selection dialogs
  • Fixed: Imports are again able to resume after interruption
  • Fixed: Geography prompt wasn't loading in metadata mappings
  • Fixed: Setting on "mandatory" for Geography and Locations now works
  • Fixed: Setting multiple default locations now works

Sigma Imports 1.11.7720 20/01/2021

  • Reduce sources list for root record to most commonly used sources
  • "Get extra addressees from email 'to list'" is removed as a node and instead exists as source for all locations
  • Nodes created for new location types Representative, Other, Copied and Blind copied
  • Author, Addressee, Client, Representative, Other, Copied and Blind copied can now concatenate location sources
  • Multi-level and single level foldering now works when setting a parent container
  • Heierarchical lookup set items are now displayed correctly
  • Fixed a memory leak causing wizard to crash if Back and Next were clicked too often
  • Extra logging enabled with /DEBUG switch

Sigma Imports 1.10.7514 28/07/2020

  • Fixed classification hierarchy
  • Added retention schedule to metadata mappings
  • Added default access control to metadata mappings
  • Set default Sigma.Configuration number pattern
  • Add more default items to exclusion filter
  • GPS Location now has 1 source to select from rather than all string sources
  • Support for new User Field types:
    • Big Number
    • Geography
    • XML String
    • Classification
    • Record
    • Schedule
    • Thesaurus Keyword
  • Concatenation now works correctly for:
    • Integer
    • Decimal
    • Big Number
    • Boolean
  • Removed incorrect concatenation for:
    • String User Field Lookup Set
    • GPS Location
  • 64 bit version available
  • Converted from the TRIM COM SDK to .NET SDK
  • Assemblies and installers are signed with Authenticode certificate 

Sigma Imports 1.9.6927 19/12/2018

  • Installer updated to support Micro Focus Content Manager 9.3
  • Fixed GPS Location support for CM 9.2 +

Sigma Imports  1.8.6631 15/02/2018 

  • Installer updated to support HPE Content Manager 9.2 

Sigma Imports 1.8.6470 3/10/2017 

  • Added support for command line arguments.
  • Better support for new Content Manager access privileges when creating administration location group and Sigma.Configuration record type during first run.

Sigma Imports 1.7.6239 30/01/2017

  • Added support for CM9.0+ GPS Location field
  • Fixed issue where Sigma Imports fails to work with administrator group
  • Fixed issue where Sigma Imports cannot use additional fields linked to lookup sets (RM8.3+)
  • New application name!

Sigma Imports 1.6.5408 27/10/2014

  • Updated writing ".tr5" file write methods to support HP Records Manager 8.1 format
  • Now requires License Number / Site ID to be entered into notes on license file record
  • Updated licensing to HP Records Manager 8.1 model
  • Added Building Sigma Imports document
  • Added support for Configuration Check helpers for first time setup
    • Added Sigma.Configuration record type helper
    • Added Sigma Imports Administrator location group helper
    • Added Sigma Imports License file helper
  • Fixed issue with "Create New Revision" not importing copies of files by adding file path to NTFS Alternate Stream document info
  • Added workaround to avoid issue causing non-critial error messages during mass imports, due to internal TRIM threading issue.

Sigma Imports 1.6.5147 3/2/2014

  • Added remote logging monitor to Sigma Imports release package
  • Rolled in new metadata mapping libraries
  • Fixed issue with remote logging disconnects on closing imports
  • Added desktop.ini to the default exclude filter
  • Added history for directories and zip files used for imports. Remembers the directory/zip file used at last import and provides a list of the last 10 in a drop-down.

Sigma Imports 1.5.5050 29/10/2013

  • Added extra logging message that shows the record number an item got imported to
  • Added logging message when queuing or removing an import
  • Added logging message when saving an import description
  • Fixed regression bug with wizard pages being marked as empty when they aren't, causing additional pages not to appear for ZIP files
  • Added in remote log monitoring support, so you can run imports on remote machine and then monitor the log progress locally
  • Added support for workflows in metadata mapping, allowing a prompt or constant specification of a workflow template to use to initiate a workflow
  • Rolled in new TRIMSDK version 6.2.4, so now we can start adding workflow support. This means we won't have compatability with clients older than 6.2.4.

Sigma Imports 1.4.5008 17/9/2013

  • Added starting/stopping log with PID
  • Added expanded error handling/logging
  • Added seconds to logging display
  • Added Copy Rows menu item to logging view so you can now copy logging rows to the clipboard and paste them into Excel
  • Added support for security levels and caveats in the metadata mappings
  • Added a check + warning for saving a configuration that has already been finalised
  • Because TRIM silently ignores the document attach in this case, it would make it so configurations only changed in the current session
  • Added a check + warning for saving a configuration where someone has disabled both 'Allow Replace' and 'Allow Revisions' on the Sigma.Configuration record type. 

Sigma Imports 1.3.4981 *internal* 21/8/2013

  • Added double click functionality to metadata mapping source selector
  • Made it so the wizard editing page isn't shown on the page for creating import descriptions if there are no wizard prompts
  • Optimised logging UI for better logging performance
  • Fixed issue with line item on wizard configuration page causing issues
  • Added context menu to logging pane so that you can hide different logging level messages
  • Added license key system.

Sigma Imports 1.2.4911 12/6/2013

  • Fixed issue with status bar on field validation on the wizard first showing a new page not being populated
  • Fixed issue with markup appearing in status bar messages.

Sigma Imports 1.2.4910 11/6/2013

  • Added email and document based metadata extraction and best guess sources (document title, email subject, best guess author, author from address.

Sigma Imports 1.2.4870 2/5/2013

  • Added new option for using the file-plan with the record from file foldering source
  • Made it so title prefix for record from file foldering source can be empty
  • Fixed issue with keyword prompt not working in the correct manner
  • Added policy configuration option for import descriptions for skipping zero byte files .

Sigma Imports 1.2.4854 16/4/2013

  • Fixed the regression with the new import configuration description menu item. 

Sigma Imports 1.2.4832

  • Changed multi folder hierarchy to take a source for parent container, be able to have a blank title prexix and be able to use the parent container as the root folder. 

Sigma Imports 1.2.4728

  • Added import source configuration options to import configurations including
  • Maximum size/make it mandatory
  • Whether to create a TR5/make the option mandatory
  • Whether to delete imported documents/make the option mandatory
  • An exclude file string for excluded file types/names
  • Fixed image metadata occassionally causing PNG files to error if the information wasn't available
  • Added a new method of saving TR5s out that might be more robust.  

Sigma Imports 1.1.4679

  • Changed the way ZIP files work so that ZIP files with very long path names now function
  • Fixed crash for browsing folder name too deep - will now error instead (intended behaviour - file names this long are not properly supported by windows)
  • Changed the way metadata file items for ZIP files work - you now get the proper path in the ZIP file as opposed to the temporary file path
  • Added support for versioned imports for ZIP files where the directory the ZIP is in is writable
  • Added support for remembering file folders for ZIP files where the ZIP is in is writable
  • Added data file for ZIP files (.zfd)
  • Fixed issue where imports from network folders weren't working.

Sigma Imports 1.1.4678

  • Fixed Error with modified/created dates for items in ZIP files.

Sigma Imports 1.1.4672

  • Fixed error that occured with removing the active import in some cases
  • Changed behaviour so titles that would cause an error due to length are truncated and a warning issued
  • Added option to show logging directory to the file menu.

Sigma Imports 1.1.4644

  • Added support for importing from a Zip file
  • Added menu and toolbar entries for Zip file imports
  • Added maximum size filtering option to imports
  • Added import statistics tracking that is persisted to disk so that it can be used between imports
  • Added column to import to track the number of errors and warnings that have occured
  • Added statistics detail for the end of import log entry
  • Updated documentation to reflect changes.