Sigma Pictures Web Release Notes Version History

Sigma Pictures Web 4.3.6140 21/02/2022

  • CM 10 compatibility
  • Fixed: Record author wasn't being set correctly view
  • Fixed: Caveats prompt wasn't displaying correctly when passed an empty list
  • Fixed: Cancelling cataloguing would result in cataloguing continuing but the image(s) remain in the gallery.
  • Cancelling now:
    • Cancels the background task
    • Removes processed images even if the modal isn't present (for edge cases)

Sigma Pictures Web 4.2.5666 29/06/2021

  • Added overlaid metadata onto thumbnail
  • Added detailed metadata reporting on thumbnail view
  • Added support for missing mapping options. These include:
    • Mandatory
    • Show Create
    • Record
      • + Record Type (for create)
      • + Default Classification (for create)
      • + Default Container (for create)
      • + Title Prefix (for create)
  • BaseUri is configurable in application settings to work with load balancers
  • About page now reports connected dataset ID
  • About page no longer reports server version details unless in debug mode (for security reasons)
  • Added "Prompt" sources to GPS Location
  • Nested lookup-sets are now supported
  • DateLastUpdated is no longer set when reading license file or fetching config
  • Author, Addressee, Client, Representative, Other, Copied and Blind copied can now concatenate location sources
  • Carousel view now formatted to take all vertical space, which results in less scrollbars
  • "Supercopy" renamed to "Download Image"
  • Fixed: Running without "modify location group" permission no longer results in an error
  • Fixed: Searching for a record number with # no longer results in no matches

Sigma Pictures Web 4.1.4829 4/06/2020

  • Fixed an issue where the app pool would recycle after an import
  • Added prompts support for Access Control and Retention Schedule
  • Ported to 64 bit with .NET CM SDK
  • Assemblies signed with Microsoft Authenticode Certificate

Sigma Pictures Web 4.0.4293 (internal) 2/08/2019

  • First release of new web interface