Sigma Logs Release Notes

Sigma Logs Web 2.6.7228 - 30th November, 2023

  • CM 23.3 compatibility
  • New: Top 10 Record Viewers report now allows named locations to be excluded from the graph
  • New: Able to select a month range for the following reports:
    • Actions Completed by Action Name
    • Top 10 Record Creators
    • Top 10 Record Viewers
    • User Logins
    • Users not Active
  • New: Able to select and deselect all events with a checkbox
  • Fixed: Top 10 Record Viewers report no longer shows incorrect month range
  • Fixed: Prevent database non-disposal from creating an error in Windows Event Viewer
  • Update InfluxDB to v2.7.0

Sigma Logs Web 2.5.7080 - 4th September, 2023

  • CM 10.1 compatibility
  • New: Results table supports column filtering
  • Fixed: May not be able to search record numbers with a # in them
  • Fixed: Installer now requires dataset ID and web service work path

Sigma Logs Web 2.4.6334 - 13th September, 2022

  • Fixed: App pool identity other than installer user caused connection failure to InfluxDB

Sigma Logs Web 2.4.6334 - 15th June, 2022

  • Fixed: Installer bug where application name other than SigmaLogs wouldn't install

Sigma Logs Web 2.4.6320 - 30th May, 2022

  • CM 10 compatibility
  • Creates background job to generate xlsx file on demand
  • SQL Express for Hangfire back-end added
  • Required IIS roles configured by setup bundle
  • Avoid setting DateLastUpdated when reading configuration records
  • Clarify connected dataset on About page
  • New: Archive Box Lodgements vs Retrievals report
  • New: Uncontained Documents report
  • New: Records Created by Area report
  • New: Retention Schedules Changed report
  • Fixed: Usage report was reporting incorrect details
  • Fixed: An issue with large CSV file generation. We now always download CSV from server regardless of if max rows are hit (previously generated client side)
  • Fixed: May not be able to search record numbers with a # in them

Sigma Logs Web 2.3.5019 - 4th August, 2020

  • New: Table reporting framework included in report framework
  • New: Top 10 Record Creators Report
  • New: Records by Security Caveat Report
  • New: Records by Security Level Report
  • New: Top 10 Record Viewer Report
  • New: Security Group Report
  • New: Usage Report
  • New: User Logins Report
  • New: Users Not Active Report
  • New: Additional formats for graph downloads: xlsx, txt
  • Updated Actions Completed, Actions Assigned, Records Created and Records Registered reports to now allow the user to select their desired month to view

Sigma Logs Web 2.2.4590 - 19th December, 2019

  • New: Reporting framework introduced
  • New: Actions Completed in last month report
  • New: Actions Assigned in last month report
  • New: Records Created in last month report
  • New: Records Registered in last month report
  • Warn users that saved search limit it hit rather than silently deleting oldest search
  • Include contained records now works as expected
  • Allow recursive search on locations
  • Record, location and network login input fields make it clearer when a selection isn't selected
  • Use server_time rather than local_time as CM reports local_time incorrectly
  • Displayed rows now limited to 35,000 while search continues on server for CSV download
  • Detect incorrect number pattern for Sigma.Configuration record type
  • Corrupt .sls configuration file no longer breaks site
  • Saved and recent searches now load but don't run automatically
  • When saving favourite search, cursor automatically moves to input field
  • When adding audit logs path, cursor automatically moves to input field
  • Audit logs path now appears as soon as added
  • No longer load fonts over the internet
  • Use WebSockets with SignalR for faster results streaming from server
  • Ported to 64 bit with .NET CM SDK
  • Assemblies are now signed with Microsoft Authenticode Certificate

Sigma Logs Desktop 1.8.7283 - 10th December, 2019

  • Changing dataset now applies to searching logs in CM too
  • License check is now applied when switching datasets
  • Remember last dataset we connected to
  • Fixed bug which prevented selected rows from being exported
  • Event tree is updated with latest events and base object types (up to CM 9.4)
  • Ported to x64
  • Assemblies and installers are signed with Authenticode certificate
  • CAB file merged into single MSI installer file

Sigma Logs  2.1.6988 - 18th February, 2019

  • Installer updated to support CM 9.3

Sigma Logs 2.0.6668 - 12th April, 2018

  • First release of new web interface
  • Searching of detailed information created by Content Manager is possible
  • Fix: Record number filtering is operational again

Logs in Trim 1.7.1 - 5th February, 2016

  • Brought all v7 document transaction logfile entries back, by overloading the equivalents in v8
  • Added checkbox for controlling searching of checked-in TALF files
  • Increased MAX_RESULTS to 400,000
  • Reinstated date checking using log filenames. Non-conforming filenames are silently ignored
  • Added error handling to access log graph, to prevent searches with no results crashing the visualisation library.

Logs in TRIM 1.7.5669 - 10th July, 2015

  • Added individual file handling to File Operations to support command line handling of files
  • Reintroduced handling of legacy "electronic document viewed" events
  • Limited search results to 200,000 to avoid out of memory errors.* Updated licensing to support HP Records Manager 8.1 model.

Logs in TRIM 1.6.5424 - 10th November, 2014

  • Removed unreliable "Automatic" option for date format detection
  • Fixed date range filtering
  • Fixed Location(s) filter removal button from being disabled unless other filters were applied
  • Fixed "Remove Selected Free Text Search Parameters" button to remove only the free text search parameters that are selected
  • Fixed the sorting method for ID and URI columns under search results to sort numerically
  • Changed "Object Owner" column to be wider
  • Fixed error when attempting to sort "Object Owner" column when reading from ".talf" file
  • Added Configuration Check helper to assist with first time setup
  • Added helper for Sigma.Configuration record type
  • Added helper for Sigma Logs License file
  • Added progress bar for search result export process
  • Removed 3 blank event checkboxes
  • Changed event selection layout to be in categories for ease of use
  • Added support for Dutch date time format using word "om"
  • Removed "at" and "om" from date time columns in search results
  • Updated to new product icon.

Logs in TRIM 1.6.5134 - 21st January, 2014

  • Added support for fetching RM8 log files that get stored into TRIM by the feature that stores the log files in TRIM.

Sigma Logs 1.6.5123 - 9th January, 2014

  • Updated documentation to reflect changes
  • Dramatic performance improvements, especially when there are lots of result rows in a search
  • Got rid of annoying flicker updating search results
  • Added ability to pick up new event and object types using SDK enumeration
  • Fixed issue with retrieving additional information from the current log file
  • Added access reporting with unique logons graph (printable)
  • Added unique logins list
  • Improved date ranging routines for determining which log files to parse
  • Fixed some issues with date-parsing fallback
  • Added support for RM8 audit log comments
  • Added RM8 log file parsing support
  • Removed billing log support. We will re-add this later if there is a demand
  • Changed the internals of how log searching is connected to the GUI so we could add HP RM 8 log support
  • Made log parsing more robust to pass over errors in corrupt log entries on a single line
  • Fixed issue with suffixes in log file names causing issues parsing logs (for example Date_2013-07-08 (1).log, where " (1)" is the suffix).

Logs in TRIM 1.5.4871 - 3rd May, 2013

    • Fixed issue with current log file on Windows 2008 R2 causing a file locking error.