Load Tester

Load Tester

Install. Test. Report.
Load Tester has been developed to test the capacity of new and existing hardware setups

  • Designed to test the capacity of your hardware
  • Simulates routine tasks (e.g. title word searches, document super copy, adding new documents)
  • Helps ensure your system is able to support normal daily traffic OR increased activity


Load Tester Screen Image

Load Tester is designed to test the capacity of new and existing hardware setups. Load Tester simulates Content Manager client requests and reports on the number of client requests per second the hardware setup is able to support.

Load Tester simulates routine tasks that any user might carry out within Content Manager such as: title word searches, document super copy, and adding a new document. Load Tester completes these tasks via simultaneous separate connections to the server until the server is maxed out, reliably testing the load a server is able to support.

This handy tool helps organisations ensure their systems can handle the traffic generated through normal daily use or during increased activity such as data migrations.

Load Tester

Load Tester doesn’t require any installation, just simply unzip and run!

Compatible with all Microsoft Windows versions and can be used to test CM & RM. The load tester is designed to be run from a machine that is not the CM server.

Our standard software support agreement includes access to the support help desk and new versions of the product as they become available.

How to Buy
For more information regarding Load Tester, or to arrange a product demonstration or quotation, please contact Sigma Data Solutions: Ph: +61 8 6230 2213 or email sales@sigmadata.com.au.