South Australian Police
A successful partnership between SA Police and Information Proficiency - HP TRIM EDRMS implementation

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South Australia Police

Government, Law Enforcement

Complete a comprehensive HP TRIM records transfer

Implementation of HP TRIM

The implementation of HP TRIM would provide the compatibility and functionality SAPOL required to continue providing a RECORDS MANAGMENT SYSTEM solution throughout the organisation, while also providing the capability to deliver Electronic Document Records Management (EDRM) functionality in the future.
The Client

South Australia Police (SAPOL) provides a broad range of police and community services to the South Australian community. Made up of over 5000 police and civilian employees, SAPOL are charting their course as a progressive and responsive organisation.

The Challenge

SAPOL utilised RecFind (version 4) as their primary corporate record management system. SAPOL had decided to upgrade their internal IT infrastructure and the SOE throughout the organisation. As a result, they were seeking to implement HP TRIM 7 and migrate the existing records metadata from RecFind.

The Information Proficiency Solution

The initial implementation featured design and implementation for the records management unit, providing a distinct record keeping framework which would then facilitate the implementation of HP TRIM 7 with workflow for the Firearms Division. Additional workflows were implemented to further improve daily operations.

The Primary Objectives
  • Conduct an Implementation Assessment and Integration Capability Assessment
  • Perform Technical Review & Design
  • Provide Project Management in conjunction with SAPOL Project Management
  • Implement HP TRIM Production Environment, as well as “test” and “training” databases
  • Deploy the HP TRIM Client to all required workstations
  • Conduct a configuration workshop and assist with the initial application design and configuration
  • Provide support for the HP TRIM solution
  • Transform Firearms Workflow processes to Electronic processing and configure accordingly
  • Migrate RECORDS MANAGMENT SYSTEM Legacy data into HP TRIM production database from RecFind v4
  • Migrate RECORDS MANAGMENT SYSTEM Legacy data into HP TRIM production database from RecFind v4