Sigma Connect inKofax Release Notes

Sigma Connect inKofax 1.5.7403 *current* 8/04/2020
* Switched to .NET TRIM SDK
* Updated with MicroFocus Content Manager 9.4 compatibility
* Assemblies and installers are signed with Authenticode certificate

Sigma Connect inKofax 1.4.6624 19/02/2018
* Installer updated to support HPE Content Manager 9.2.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.4.5396 3/11/2014
* Modified licencing to support Records Manager 8.1. New licences must be generated.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.4.5010 19/9/2013
* Fixed resizing/anchoring bug for enter constant form.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.4.5007 16/9/2013
* Added support for Kofax Express
* Added support for attaching thesaurus terms via the "Keywords" mapping, where you can either map multiple times, or use a pipe separator "|" to attach multiple thesaurus terms.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.4.4996 *internal* 5/9/2013
* Fixed issue with an error sometimes occuring when a index field was deleted on certain versions of Kofax capture.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.3.4961 1/8/2013
* Added a sticky license key feature so that if the license key is blank then the last license key set will be used. 

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.3.4960 31/7/2013
* Added foreign barcode mapping.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.3.4955 26/7/2013
* Added date closed mapping.
* Added location user field mapping (for user fields of a location type, not userfields on a location), 
  so you can use the same advanced mapping types available to built in location fields such as barcode and email.
* Made user field mappings more robust and improved the user field mapping form.
* Improved error handling and error messages in the form setup.
* Fixed issue with import/export of batch not properly preserving the order of items.
* Added license key system.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.3.4933 4/7/2013
* Fixed location barcode mapping type. 
* Added location email source mapping.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.3.4912 13/6/2013
* Fixed issue with related records and blank values.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.3.4899 31/5/2013
* Fixed error with not holding the dataset id tag.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.3.4883 15/5/2013
* Added run executable mapping that allows running an executable for each released record.
* Made it so the default holding directory is in the CaptureSV/server folder.
* Made it so that each time the script is opened a GUID based sub folder is created in the holding directory which is then deleted after.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.2.4875 7/5/2013
* Made it so that if the document mapping source is empty, it won't overwrite a previous mapping.
* Made it so the holding directory should be created if it doesn't exist when a document is being output.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.2.4871 3/5/2013
* Added eDocument export support.
* Added new rendition support.

TRIM Connect inKofax 1.2.4853 15/4/2013
* Added document repository output of the long record number for each release document, so now the next release script in the process can access the TRIM information.