Imprinter inKofax Release Notes

Imprinter inKofax 1.3.10 - 25/05/2013

* Added time intrinsics.
* Fixed issue with index fields.
* Changed polling time to 5 seconds from 30.

Imprinter inKofax 1.3.0 - 18/04/2013
* New .NET admin plugin
* TIFF JPEG support (if you use TIFF_JPEG_STYLE=2).

Imprinter inKofax 1.2.0 - 11/06/2007
* Added "Origin Far Corner" feature, allowing for imprinting on the far side of arbitrary sides documents.
* Add ability to move elements in the list of text outputs up and down. 
* Improved layout of setup and fixed issues relative to fonts of different DPIs
* Some small optimisations 

Imprinter inKofax 1.1.1 - 18/3/2007
* Changed location for .aex file so is now compatalbe with Ascent Capture 7.5
* With 7.5 there is an issue with where you place the installation DLLS (etc). If you’re doing a Server Install, make sure you actually change the installation directory to C:\Program Files\AscentSS\ServLib\Bin (or wherever you have it installed) and if you need it to run on a client, you have to point it at the bin directory on the client when you install it (I tested these). Obviously for standalones it can point to the default C:\Program Files\Ascent\Bin directory (or similar if you install it elsewhere).

Imprinter inKofax 1.1.0
* Fixed issue regarding electronic imprinting crashing with large documents and A3 images, imrproved GDI+ and changed algorithim for colour document to improve speed.