Sigma Secured Signing Integration Release Notes

    Sigma Secured Signing Integration 1.3.8049               14/01/2022

    • NEW: Content Manager 10 compatible
    • NEW: Last window size and position is restored on startup
    • FIX: Excessive creation of temporary files by background task can halt progress
    • FIX: Missing tokens record caused client to crash
    • Default window size set to 1024x720 to allow it to fit on 1920x1080 screens with 150% zoom
    • Log version number when logging begins


    Sigma Secured Signing Integration 1.2.7999               25/11/2021

    • FIX: Documents were not being fetched for more than one user


    Sigma Secured Signing Integration 1.2.7948               05/10/2021

    • NEW: Auto-detect proxy and use default credentials
    • NEW: Don’t send a document which is checked out
    • NEW: Configurable option to check out or finalize record after sending
    • CHANGE: Default search for internal recipients checks for active users only
    • FIX: Expired tokens are now refreshed without user interaction rather than requiring revocation
    • FIX: Audit log entries are now written for non-admin users
    • FIX: Bug where malformed client reference caused no documents for that user to be retrieved
    • FIX: Bug where empty SmtpPassword in Background Task configuration causes crash
    • Better UI messaging around authentication errors
    • Better email messaging around failed attachments
    • Better handling of temp file creation and deletion


    Sigma Secured Signing Integration 1.1.7783 23/04/2021

    • FIX: Service request timeout increased from 90 seconds to 10 minutes to allow large documents to upload
    • FIX: Location search no longer crashes application for non-admin users
    • FIX: Able to correctly search locations by first name or last name or email.
    • Don't allow client to start if document store is missing document for record
    • Limit usage to users with document update and additional field modify permission
    • Improved messaging of failed uploads
    • Updated to latest Secured Signing SDK version
    • Client no longer attempts to write to audit log if user isn't CM admin
    • Handling of unhandled exceptions is improved
    • Extra debug logging

    Sigma Secured Signing Integration 1.0.7620     11/11/2020

    • First release

    Sigma Secured Signing Integration 1.2.7999               25/11/2021