Child & Adolescent Health Services
Developing a Search Function
August 2017 – March 2018

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Child & Adolescent Health Services (CAHS)

WA Princess Margaret Hospital

CAHS needed a search function to aid their workers to find the right manual for the equipment that they need to maintain.

  • Create and develop a search function.
Services Provided
  • Development and testing of a search function.
The Client

As part of the Western Australian Department of Health, the Child and Adolescent Health Service is committed to providing high quality paediatric care to young West Australians.

The Background

The customer needed to create a browser based search capability to allow their maintenance staff to locate the most recent and appropriate manual for each piece of equipment they needed to maintain. Prior to the creation of the search function the staff couldn’t effectively and efficiently find manuals.

The Challenge

The main challenge of this project was making the search function easy to use and capable of returning the required results with little to no user training. Information Proficiency was picked for this project because of our previous experience in providing a similar service to other clients.

The Information Proficiency Solution

Information Proficiency’s solution was unique because we created a search function tailored to their organisation, which would aid the maintenance workers in finding the right manual for the equipment that they need to maintain.

Business Benefits

The development and implementation of this new search function allowed for massive process improvements as all the manuals were available from a single search box