Tourism Western Australia
Tourism WA in partnership with Information Proficiency for long-term outsourced IM and RM services

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Tourism Western Australia

Tourism / Government

Outsourcing of the Information & Records Management services for the Department.

Provide a team of skilled professionals to undertake the Information & Records Management roles required within Tourism WA.

  • Outsourcing was a proven model that had worked well for the Client in a range of areas within the business previously;
  • Provided the opportunity to leverage existing systems and take advantage of specialist expertise to be enable more efficient management of information;
  • Provided reduced ongoing operational overheads, reduced risk, improved productivity and stability improvements;
  • Enabled existing employees the ability to focus on core business functions.
The Client

Tourism Western Australia is a State Government agency responsible for promoting Western Australia (WA) as a holiday and business event destination, both nationally and internationally. The organisation has over 120 users operating in a Microsoft Office and Windows environment.

The Challenge

Tourism WA faced the challenge of maintaining skilled Information and Records Management (IM / RM) staff within the organisation. This led them to considering alternative options which removed the need to invest capital funds or human resources in non-core business functions, allowed their staff to remain focused on the core functions at hand, while increasing the efficiency and use of existing Information and Records Management systems.

The Information Proficiency Solution

The solution was to provide full-time onsite Information and Records Management specialist support services to Tourism WA.

The Primary Objectives
  • Provision of client-focused, corporate information service delivering effective, efficient and timely services that meet the needs of the business in accordance with relevant legislation and policies;
  • Coordinate the implementation of HP TRIM advanced functionality within business units such as action tracking and file creation to facilitate business process improvements and increase user take up;
  • Provision of scanning services and daily mail processing, recently introducing Kofax Capture for scanning incoming mail;
  • Undertake regular HP TRIM updates and system monitoring to ensure continued efficiencies;
  • Implementation of Logs inTRIM and Imports inTRIM enabling users the ability to search and review system generated audit logs of HP TRIM and the ability to bulk upload documents from shared drives into HP TRIM;
  • Development and delivery of training and supporting materials for HP TRIM including handouts and user manuals;
  • Develop and implement records management policies and systems for record creation, maintenance, preservation, access and disposal (including legal documents, library resources etc) within an electronic system;
  • Coordinate Freedom of Information (FOI) activities and provide advice to decision-makers; and
  • Monitor and report compliance with all relevant legislative requirements including the State Records Act and the FOI Act.