Tourism WA
Recordkeeping Plan Review
August – December 2017

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Tourism WA

WA State Government

Tourism WA needed to review and update their recordkeeping plan, and associated policies and procedures to ensure they are current and compliant. Information Proficiency conducted a review and update that resulted in a revised recordkeeping plan and supporting fact sheets, procedures and policies.

  • Confirm legislative compliance;
  • Confirm good practice is being maintained;
  • Revise the Recordkeeping Plan;
  • Ensure all procedures and policies are current;
  • Gain support for areas identified for improvement; and
  • Meet the SRO submission deadline.
Services Provided
  • Healthcheck for EDRMS (Records Manager);
  • Review and update of Recordkeeping Plan;
  • Maturity assessment;
  • Review and update of procedures and policies; and
  • Refresher compliance training.
The Client

Tourism WA is responsible for promoting Western Australia as an extraordinary holiday destination. Its focus is on marketing the State; developing, attracting and promoting major sporting, cultural and business events; and supporting the development of significant tourism infrastructure and projects.

The Background

Tourism WA’s Recordkeeping Plan (RKP) was last reviewed and updated in 2013. Section 28 of the State Records Act 2000 requires that no more than 5 years must elapse between reviews.

The Challenge

The previous RKP was written in 2013 and Tourism WA has gone through many procedural changes and updates to technology since that time as well as machinery of Government changes in the public sector.

Information Proficiency conducted a review of the previous RKP to ascertain if Tourism WA was still meeting the business and legislative requirements, and assessed the RKP against the State Records Office’s Maturity Model. Changes since the last RKP were then incorporated including a list of areas requiring improvement.

The Information Proficiency Solution

The review provided Information Proficiency with a schedule of work that needed to be completed before the draft deadline.

In parallel annual document review cycles were actioned to update several policies on Record Keeping and Disaster Management. An upgrade to the EDRMS triggered updates for approximately 75 fact sheets and procedures to support new functionality and new processes. A range of new work instructions were created to support changed business processed now managed by workflow.

Other tasks included in the RKP review included a review of the offsite storage provider; a healthcheck on the EDRMS (HPE Records Manager); a review of the statistical reporting generated by the IM team; and refresher compliance training.

Business Benefits

The RKP review assesses every aspect of Recordkeeping and information management practices across the organisation for maturity, and compliance, and results in a comprehensive report detailing the current practices and areas identified for improvement.

The areas for improvement generate a program of work for continuous improvement over the following years that is agreed to by Senior Management in the endorsement and signoff process.

The RKP has been a positive engagement and commitment tool for Tourism WA.