State Government
Kofax Capture Implementation

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State Government

Government / Infrastructure

Source an automated data capture solution for the processing of Accounts Payable invoicing, that improved Customer responses, increased productivity and decreased human error.

The implementation of a fully automated data capture solution would:
  • increase operational efficiency by up to 80%;
  • reduce the requirement for manual intervention, doubling production and decreasing the risk of human error; and
  • make working with documents more efficient, more accessible and more convenient.
Services Provided
  • Implementation of Kofax Capture; and
  • Implementation of Kofax Transformational modules.
The Client

This State Government office provides world class outcomes for their Customers through integrated and intelligent transport systems and services. Working together with two other key agencies, they enhance the coordination of operations and develop unified policies and regulatory functions to all West Australians and visitors to the State.

The Primary Objectives

The Client was faced with a number of issues relating to the efficiency of their Accounts Payable invoice processing. Their existing system, Shared Services Office, was repetitive, manual-driven and allowed for no visibility or control over the documents being processed. With staff processing over 50,000 invoices per annum, which were being received via various forums including; paper mail, electronic mail, and hand delivery / courier, the Client required an automatic data capture solution that was faster, more accurate, and reliable.

The Challenge

After carefully examining the existing market and evaluating the various solutions available in the data capture industry, the Client approached Information Proficiency to provide a solution that increased their control and visibility of the invoices and improved their Customer responses while increasing operational efficiency through the provision of an automated capture process.

The Information Proficiency Solution

Information Proficiency was able to provide an automated and electronic solution to document processing based on the Kofax Capture platform. The solution streamlines the capture of invoices from various sources, automatically collecting the data and converting it into a common electronic format ready for delivery into the Client’s document records management system (HPRM), with duplicate checking and supplier validations to the ERP system forming part of the automated process.

The Business Benefits
  • By engaging Information Proficiency the Client was able to implement a customised and cost effective solution that met their full scope of work.
  • Overall operational efficiency has increased by 80% since the implementation, with 40% of invoices now automatically passed straight through for processing with no manual intervention, doubling daily processing figures.