Main Roads Department of WA
Invoice Capture Connector Implementation

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Main Roads Department of WA

State Government / Infrastructure

Source an automated data capture solution for the capture of electronic invoicing that decreased manual handling, improved data entry accuracy and improved overall business efficiency.

The implementation of a fully automated data capture solution would:
  • Increase operational efficiency;
  • Reduce the requirement for manual handling, doubling production and decreasing the risk of human error; and
  • Make working with documents more efficient, more accessible and more convenient.
Services Provided
  • Implementation of an Invoice Capture Import Connector;
  • Reduce the requirement for manual handling, doubling production and decreasing the risk of human error; and
  • Implementation of an Export Connector.
The Client

Working together with two other key transport agencies, Main Roads are responsible for the delivery and management of a safe and efficient main road network in Western Australia.

The Primary Objectives

The Client was faced with an excessive amount of manual and double handling of their Accounts invoice processing. Their existing process was repetitive and manual-driven with emails being printed, scanned and manually handled numerous times before the process was completed. With staff handling over 100 invoices daily, the Client was looking for an automatic data capture solution that was faster, more accurate, and that eliminated the need for intensive manual handling.

The Information Proficiency Solution

Information Proficiency was able to provide an automated and electronic solution to document processing through the implementation of an Invoice Capture Import Connector. The solution streamlines the capture of invoices from incoming emails by extracting and validating relevant information (such as invoice amount, date and GST value), delivering that information into the Client’s HP TRIM system for processing without any manual interaction or printing.

The Business Benefits
  • By engaging Information Proficiency the Client was able to implement a customised and cost effective solution that met their full scope of work.
  • Overall operational efficiency has increased since the implementation, with staff now processing more than double the original invoices on a daily basis, from 100 invoices / day to over 220 invoice / day.
  • Improved processing efficiency has also resulted in increased data accuracy and faster response times and improved Customer Service.