The Perth Mint
The Upgrade to RM 8.3

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The Perth Mint

Gold / Government WA

Upgrade EDRMS from TRIM 7 to Records Manager 8.3

Through the implementation of Records Manager 8.3 the Perth Mint gained a better system which not only suited the structure of their organisation but was also more user friendly for customers.

Services Provided
Implementation and training for RM 8.3
The Client

The Perth Mint is Australia's official bullion mint and wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia. Created by an act of Parliament, The Mint is operated by The Gold Corporation and is a unique, global enterprise operating across the precious metals value chain, including precious metals refining, manufacturing, investing and storage. The Perth Mint is also one of the State’s premier tourist destinations. It is known to have “The Purest Gold of all”

The Challenge

The Perth Mint decided to upgrade their EDRMS from TRIM 7 to Records Manager 8.3, to suit the current business needs of the organisation. TRIM had a low usage point and in some areas was not trusted to hold the highly sensitive information The Gold Corporation was dealing with. Trim had been managed by multiple people over a decade with mixed success resulting in a system that worked well in some areas but poorly in others.

The Information Proficiency Solution

The solution was to design and implement a phased approach to upgrade the EDRMS from TRIM 7 to Records Manager 8.3

The Primary Objectives
Phase One
  • Administration training for the Records Team.;
  • Locations Review; and
  • Locations update (removal of duplicates, deactivated locations, creation of new positions, creation of new locations).
Phase Two
  • Security matrix review;
  • Security matrix overhaul levels and caveats overhauled, new access controls groups created);
  • Testing security with the new location structure;
  • Creating a location / security policy; and
  • Applying the new security matrix to Records, Classifications, and Record types.
Phase Three
  • Create Perth Mint Branded Manuals;
  • End user training for all Perth Mint Staff;
  • Upgrade; and
  • Support.