Port Macquarie Hastings Council
Upgrade from TRIM 7.3.5 to Content Manager 9.1, and Mobility
October 2017 - April 2018

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Port Macquarie-Hastings Council (PMHC)

NSW Local Government

Upgrade of TRIM 7.3.5 to HPE Content Manager 9.1 and mobility

  • Upgrade application to current supported platform;
  • Integrate with core business system(s);
  • Deploy web / mobile interfaces for access in the field;
  • Train staff in new platform; and
  • Improve system configuration & performance.
Services Provided
  • Upgrade to Content Manager 9.1;
  • Deployment of CM9 Web Interfaces for both LAN and WAN users;
  • Design documentation;
  • UAT support;
  • Data migration; and
  • Onsite end user training.
The Client

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council is a local government area on the North coast of New South Wales, Australia, with about 450 licensed users of the Content Manager EDRMS solution.

The Background

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council requested assistance with upgrading TRIM to Content Manager including re-architecting the solution to improve performance and pervasiveness.

The Challenge

The HP TRIM 7 application was out of active support by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. PMHC was required to move to a supported platform, and to take advantage of the zero-footprint and mobile interfaces the new platform offers. It was also important that existing system integrations where maintained.

The main challenge was ensuring the upgrade was implemented effectively and efficiently whilst minimising ‘down time’ of the system including integrated applications.

The Information Proficiency Solution

For this situation, a server replacement methodology was best suited to the client's needs. Without any impact to the production environment, the new environment was designed and implemented, enabling the customer to replace aging infrastructure and operating platform components, as well as performing integration validation, UAT, and user training. This methodology also delivers precise and predictable results for the live cut over process.

IP provided onsite end user training to ensure that the updated system was effective and easy to use for employees. The updated system was also tailored to suit the needs of their organisation.

  • During the UAT process the client identified several data migration opportunities which IP was commissioned to execute. The impact of the data conversion was assimilated into the upgrade change management process for end-users.; and
  • PMHC end-users now have access to use the CM application via a standard internet connection without additional cumbersome VPN or terminal emulation constraints, aiding the customer to realise more of their mobility strategy..
Business Benefits
  • PMHC now have a platform that is supported by the application vendor, improved configuration, improved system performance, and trained users.; and
  • End-users are taking advantage of mobile access and improved features to make their tasks easier and quicker.