City of Greater Geraldton
CGG with Information Proficiency offers users a new and improved means for managing their documentation

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City of Greater Geraldton

Local Government

Source an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) that was more suitable to the needs of the organisation, was compliant, and would be well received by the users.

Implementation of HP TRIM

  • The implementation of HP TRIM would provide the functionality required by the City, while ensuring user uptake increased dramatically. This would also provide a dramatic productivity increase through out the organisation.
  • HP TRIM would continue to provide a records management solution throughout the organisation as well as EDRMS functionality for the future.
The Client

The City of Greater Geraldton (CGG) is a leading organisation that works in partnership with the community, industry and government to provide quality services and infrastructure to the community. The CGG was formed through the amalgamation of the former Shire of Mullewa and the former City of Geraldton-Greenough.

The Challenge

The CGG utilised RecFind as their primary Records Management System. The CGG made the decision to source a replacement EDRMS to suit current business needs of the organisation, primarily due to the low uptake from users. Other factors for a replacement EDRMS were the ability to lift productivity of the staff, streamline processes and to provide a superior framework for day to day operations.

The Information Proficiency Solution

HP TRIM was identified as the solution of choice for the CGG. The proposal was to implement HP TRIM 7, which included the migration of the existing records metadata from RecFind. The implementation would also include design and implementation for the records management team, providing a distinct recordkeeping framework.

The Primary Objectives
  • Conduct an implementation assessment and integration capability assessment
  • Perform technical review & design
  • Provide Project Management in conjunction with CGG Project Management team
  • Implement HP TRIM production environment, as well as “test” and “training” databases
  • Deploy the HP TRIM client to all required workstations
  • Conduct a configuration workshop and assist with the initial application design and configuration
  • Provide support for the HP TRIM solution
  • Migrate Records Management System legacy data into HP TRIM production database from RecFind v4
  • Conduct HP TRIM training