Department of Corporate Information Services (DCIS)
Migration Services
May 2017-September 2017

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Department of Corporate Information Services (DCIS)

NT Government

A migration of records was required by the NT Government Department of Corporate Information Services following a realignment of their Government departments through a Machinery of Government change.

To migrate 2 million records between multiple complex Records Manager environments due to a realignment of government departments.

Services Provided
  • Data Migration Services;
  • Metadata cleansing and standardisation; and
  • Testing and data validation support.
The Client

The Government of the Northern Territory is the administrative authority of the Northern Territory; providing services to the residents of the state.

The Background

Due to a change in structure, multiple NT Government departments were undergoing a realignment and required support to separate and merge multiple Records Manager datasets in order to ensure that each department retained access to detailed and correct information.

The Challenge

The challenge was to merge and separate multiple Records Manager datasets while ensuring correct information and metadata was maintained across environments with different configurations. In addition to the complexity of maintaining the data integrity across complex environments, the delivery was time-sensitive and needed to occur with as little system down-time as possible.

The Information Proficiency Solution

Using a custom migration process, Information Proficiency performed three separate migrations, moving 2 million records between datasets with minimal system downtime and very low impact on users. Providing these services remotely helped to reduce costs to the customer while ensuring effective oversight of the migration process. DCIS selected information proficiency due to a combination of our previous site experience and client references, making us the best candidate to deliver the project in an effective, timely and professional manner. The solution we provided was unique in that it had a high accuracy, volume and speed of data transfers.

Business Benefits
  • Accuracy and speed of data transfers;
  • Minimal system down-time for users; and
  • Standardisation and cleansing of metadata across multiple systems.