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Dataset Merge

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Iluka Resources


Complete a dataset merge of old project related records.

Providing a seamless dataset migration into the main HP TRIM dataset.

The company now has a single dataset containing all the records and information relating to business operations, including all metadata and revisions allowing ease of searching and retrieval of information.
The Client

Iluka Resources is involved in mineral sands exploration, project development, operations and marketing and is a major participant in the global mineral sands industry. Iluka is the largest producer of zircon in the world, with an approximate market share of one third, and is the second largest producer of titanium dioxide minerals.

The Challenge

Iluka had a main HP TRIM dataset, and a secondary dataset containing records from a specific project. All records from the second dataset needed to be merged into the main dataset.

The Information Proficiency Solution

Migrate second dataset into the main dataset, ensuring the preservation of metadata and revisions.

The Primary Objectives
  • Analysis of dataset structure in source and destination;
  • Development of a migration schema to map the record types, additional metadata fields, security and location data from the source dataset to the destination;
  • Development of a records transfer script to meet the requirements of the schema;
  • Performing a test migration from a sample of records for testing and review purposes;
  • Final migration of records;
  • Review and repair of records in error; and
  • Dataset maintenance tasks including reindexing and removal of source dataset.