Road Safety Commission WA
Records Management in Record Time

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Road Safety Commission

WA State Government

Up until recently, RSC have been using MainRoads HPE RM system. Now as an agency in their own right, RSC require their own EDRMS.

  • ID & extract RSC records both physical and electronic;
  • Move to 100% cloud hosted environment; and
  • Minimal business disruption.
Services Provided
To achieve the required outcomes the following services where provided:
  • Scoping & Design;
  • Migration; and
  • Support cloud hosting.
The Client

In 2008 the State Government devised the Towards Zero Strategy which aimed to reduce road fatalities and serious injury by 40% by 2020, by focussing on safe vehicles, roads, speeds and driver behaviour. Since then, there has been a 34% drop in the fatality rate in WA. However from 142 crashes in 2015, 161 people still perished on WA roads. Information Management and Information Governance plays a crucial role in the capture, assessment and prevention of fatal road accidents.

The Challenge

RSC were previously within MRWA, and existing records were hosted on MRWA’s HPE RM solution. DTWD were to provision cloud infrastructure for RSC’s HPE RM solution and manage the migration. RSC data needed to be identified and migrated out to their new infrastructure, with minimal disruption to MRWA, DTWD and RSC. RSC is required to comply with RM regulations. Without a comprehensive, policy-based solution like HPE RM, RSC would be non-compliant.

The Information Proficiency Solution

HPE Records Manager provided a trusted and proven solution that met RSC’s information governance requirements. HPE RM is well supported in WA and enables future improvements like automation. The solution was deployed 100% in the cloud, no on premises infrastructure was used. The rollout was completed within a very aggressive timeframe. The configuration used for RSC was based on MRWA’s HPE RM installation, with many changes to accommodate the smaller business. Over 100,000 records were migrated, including physical and electronic.

The Business Benefits
  • RSC are now able to meet their governance and compliance requirements using a cloud-based deployment of HPE RM.
  • This solution further enables RSC to continue their good work to reduce road fatalities in WA while managing costs down through automation, workflow and cloud infrastructure.