Office of the Auditor General

At Risk Reporting Statistics

December 2020 to February 2021

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Office of the Auditor General (OAG)

WA State Government

Development of At Risk and Reporting Statistics and installation of handheld Barcode Scanner

  • Install new handheld barcode scanner and train OAG Information Team staff in its use
  • Develop automated At Risk Reporting using Power BI
  • Develop automated Information Management reporting using MS Excel
  • Install Power BI / Excel reporting and train OAG Information Team staff in its use
Services Provided
  • Creation of customised automated reporting using Power BI and Excel
  • Onsite customised team training


The Client

The Office of the Auditor General is a Western Australian State Government Department. The Auditor General’s role is to audit the finances and activities of Western Australian State and local government entities, and report their findings to Parliament.

The Background

The development of At Risk and Reporting Statistics for the Information Management Team was requested to assist with ensuring all areas of the department were keeping to their records management obligations and to provide a monthly snapshot of record keeping statistics for the Office of the Auditor General. In addition, the OAG wished to procure a Barcode Scanner to assist with file audits to make certain the statistics would be easy to keep up-to-date.

The Challenge

The main challenge with statistics is to ensure that all areas required are covered for reporting purposes and for ease of staff to produce the reports.

The Information Proficiency Solution

The production of statistics can be a labour intensive process, and due to the demands on the Information Team at OAG, they required Statistics Reporting that was automated and user friendly to allow for ease in production. Information Proficiency was able to provide this, through the development of macros and Power BI scripting that allowed for the importation and organisation of statistics in a visually dynamic format, which would allow the OAG team to be able to run and print statistics reports that could be handed to upper management without the need to go through the statistics with them. In addition, an Information Proficiency staff member was provided to consult on statistics required, to create the backend searches and install statistics to allow OAG staff to focus on their normal business duties.

Customised training was provided to the OAG Information Management Team to assist them to efficiently assimilate the Scanner and Statistics Reporting into their business practices.

The Business Benefits

The At Risk and Reporting Statistics provide the Information Management Team at the Office of the Auditor General with easy to compile monthly reports that will allow close management of record keeping within the department and provide guidance for future projects within the Information Management team. In addition, the Barcode Scanner will allow information staff to efficiently audit files to provide accurate file locations and up-to-date reporting.