Town of Cottesloe
Sentencing Outsourcing - 6 Months

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Town of Cottesloe

Local Government

Provide a suitably qualified Archiving team to undertake the sentencing and archiving of numerous records.

The off-site outsourcing of this function:
  • Ensured compliance to Government legislation and other regulations;
  • Enabled existing staff to concentrate on core business functions; and
  • Ensured vital records were protected into the future.
Services Provided
  • Archiving services team
The Client

The Town of Cottesloe handles community needs like waste collection, public recreation facilities and town planning and is responsible for making and enforcing local laws, along with protecting the rights, interests and responsibilities of the community, individuals, community sectors and public bodies within the Town.

The Primary Objectives

The Town of Cottesloe found they had a large number of records that required sentencing to ensure the disposal requirements met Government and other compliance regulations.

The primary objectives were (1) to identify how long each record should be retained, (2) re-boxing and recording the updated information and (3) upload the archiving results to the Client’s EDRMS for use in future disposal processes.

The Information Proficiency Solution

Information Proficiency was able to provide an experienced Archiving Team to undertake the Client’s sentencing and cataloguing requirements.

This solution included the sentencing of files for archiving and destruction against the relevant GDA, re-boxing enabling an ongoing yearly destruction programme, cleaning and re-boxing archives in preparation for transfer to the State Records Office (when re-opened) and recording the contents into a template and uploading this information into the Clients HP TRIM system.

The Business Benefits
  • By engaging Information Proficiency, the Client was able to ensure existing staff remained as productive as possible and focussed on critical, core business functions, minimising operating costs.
  • Sentencing of the records has assisted with ongoing efficiency and productivity as Town of Cottesloe are now able to retrieve the information they require when they need it, not only improving business operations but also their Client satisfaction.
  • Outsourcing the role has also given Town of Cottesloe piece of mind that they are adhering to the various legislative and regulatory requirements involved in the Sentencing of records.