Return to Work SA
Information Management Team Leader Outsourcing

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Return to Work SA (RTWSA)

State Government

Outsource Team Leader role to enable the reassignment of an existing resource onto a larger project.

The short term outsourcing of this role would:
  • Allow the addition of a full time resource to a large scanning project;
  • Enable existing team members to concentrate on core functions; and
  • Enable the business to review its RM processes post implementation.
Services Provided
  • Full-time Records Management Consultant
The Client

Return to Work SA (RTWSA) is responsible for providing insurance that protects South Australian business and their employees in the event of a work injury and for regulating the South Australian Return to Work scheme.

The Primary Objectives

Due to other project requirements, the Team Leader position within our Client’s Information Management department required backfilling for a period of many months. The Client’s primary objective was to ensure the resource had the right balance of knowledge and experience, guaranteeing minimal disruption to existing team members allowing them to continue to focus on core functions.

The Information Proficiency Solution

Information Proficiency was able to provide an experienced Records Management Consultant which enabled the existing Team Leader to be redeployed and fully engaged in a large scanning project. Information Proficiency was then able to provide the daily operations for the business unit, and also provide strategic input into a number of integration projects that were in progress at the time.

The Business Benefits
  • By engaging Information Proficiency the Client was able to improve processes around knowledge enhancement within the organisation unit (the IMS team) and also the organisational review.
  • Engaging a 3rd party also prompted a post implementation review of HPRM giving users an opportunity to provide honest and open answers around the use of the HPRM system and issues they were experiencing. This in turn has enabled the business to review processes and implement improvements resulting in improved efficiencies and cost savings.