SafeGuard Cyber

Advanced Digital Risk Protection

SafeGuard Cyber delivers a single solution to detect, defend, and prevent cybersecurity attacks in real time – while automating governance and compliance. 

SafeGuard Cyber Channel Coverage Map

Comprehensive Digital Risk Protection as a Service:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) 
  • Enterprise Apps (Office365, SharePoint, etc) 
  • Collaboration Networks (Cisco Jabber, Yammer, etc) 
  • Mobile Apps (WhatsApp, WeChat, etc)  

Security (Secure Your Assets): 

  • Discover and analyze your digital footprint 
  • Remove impersonations and fake accounts 
  • Lock your accounts from hacking 
  • Protect your reputation and executives 
  • Avoid malware, spam, & phishing in protected channels  

Compliance (Comply with Regulations and Internal Policies): 

  • Apply policies (regulatory, company) 
  • Supervise your risk 
  • Apply governance to your social & digital accounts 
  • Manage profile changes 
  • Document compliance regulations for auditing 

Archiving (Archive Everything Across Your Digital Channels): 

  • Archive content collected across all channels for auditing 
  • Complete retention management 
  • Comprehensive archive of social profile changes​

SafeGuard Cyber 7.0 is here!

Included in this release:

Welcome to your new Dashboard!

With SafeGuard Cyber 7.0 the "Home" module has been transformed into an interactive dashboard - providing valuable metrics and insights into events and alerts needing your attention. Not only can you customize the layout and data in your dashboard, but each widget provides "drill-down" capabilities to view more detailed information and take further action.

All your events in one place (new Events feed):

With the "Home" module being transitioned to your new interactive dashboard, we are introducing the new "Events" module. This provides a consolidated feed of ALL events requiring your attention - not just policy violations, but profile compliance and security events, and even Defend assets. And you can take action on all of these events right from this feed - a one-stop-shop!
Saved Event views / filters:

As part of the new Events feed, you may frequently want to focus on certain types of events, or only those related to specific policies or groups. Now you can filter your Events feed, then save that view for easy / single-click reference later. You can create as many of these saved filters (views) as you would like, and even specify which of these is your default - ensuring that this is applied each time you initially login and access your Events feed.
Set your default landing page:

We think the new interactive Dashboard is great, but you may spend most of your time in the Events feed. Or perhaps you are more focused on content within your SafeGuard Cyber archive. With v7.0, you can select your own personal landing page. When you login to SafeGuard Cyber you can immediately be directed to your Home dashboard, your Events feed, Archive, Profiles module, or Defend. It's your choice!
This is just a sneak peek of what's to come!

To discuss how SafeGuard Cyber can help you please contact us on or call +61 8 6230 2213.